I host some of my code on Github and Bitbucket. Some of my recent projects are listed below.


eCrackers is a project as a web-based service with accelerometer-triggered virtual "Christmas Crackers", using NodeJS with the library. Developed by Tim Stallard, Freddie Brown and Isaac Reid-Guest as part for Hack the Holidays 2.


VB-UI is a project that allows for native UIs delivered in a lightweight format over HTTP, allowing for faster, accessible applications. Developed by Isaac Reid-Guest.

Junk Smasher

Cosmic Junk Collector is a web application, which uses open data from Orbital Objects to find the location of 'space junk'. Developed by Isaac Reid-Guest, Tim Stallard and Matt Randell for YRS Festival of Code 2015.

Ostium News

Ostium news is a service primarily aimed at blind people or people find the internet hard to use, but can be utilised by anyone. It reads data from an RSS feed, and uses text-to-speech software to read that data aloud over the phone. Developed by Isaac Reid-Guest and Matt Randell for YRS Festival of Code 2014.