Hunting for Manners

30 Sep 2018

It is in times like these that Britain could do with more courtesy and diplomacy not less with that in mind leave me somewhat incredulous that at the Conservative party conference, in an urge to prove that he’s not an ardent remoaner, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt proclaimed that the EU was like the USSR in trying to prevent its members from leaving. This was a statement condemned by many, including Former Foreign Office Heads ambassadors and former heads of state.

It surely need not be said that Britain has to depend on its European allies, particularly its firmest allies in Eastern Europe, in its serious diplomatic effort to ensure that we can get every support possible for the best(or indeed any) Brexit agreement. To make statements in domestic media, particularly in Britain, is to make a statement to the world in the Internet age. Rhetoric that serves to divide and conquer in one nation, stands to lose allies in others.

A speech in front of the world’s press may be focused on a small group of people, but it is seen by all. It is with that said that the current Government has mismanaged domestic and international image spectacularly.

And it is not that this is the first time within recent weeks that this has occurred. At Salzburg, the Prime Minister proved herself to be no true stateswoman in her damaging and flawed effort to divide and misdirect in tough negotiations about the status of her long-rejected Chequers proposal. She was expecting a display of warm words and nice compromises to prepare her for this week’s party conference, but instead she had projected an image of an uncompromising and tone-deaf attitude that earned her a rebuke as opposed to an olive branch. The fact she does not appear to change this attitude, is to make the potential economic ruin of a no-deal Brexit furthermore likely.

In between elections, the public have little to no recourse to reject a government’s actions. But at the next one, this ill-advised behaviour may well have already done its damage.