Vote another day

12 Jun 2018

The government was on the verge of defeat today, before doing the thing it always does on such matters: kicking the can down the road. This was achieved by the Prime Minister giving a verbal commitment to the would-be rebels. Nobody is sure of what was committed because DExEU has been briefing about what has been committed to, which is less than what was reportedly said at the meeting. The discussion of what happened has had to happen on twitter.

The best and most reliable summation is probably this from Sarah Wollaston:

For avoidance of any doubt the promised further amendment in the Lords must closely reflect Dominic Grieve’s amendment (or Lords likely to bring that forward themselves & for that to be passed)

With all this going on, Laura Kuennssberg points out that goodwill is running out. After the David Davis incident, the ensuing rejection of the proposed backstop, and the overall lack of a plan from government, Theresa May’s biggest enemies continue to be in her own party, while both EU negotiators and the Labour opposition watch with equal glee and fear. If the government isn’t moving, Brexit may need to be handed back to the people, to parliament, or delayed for a new election.

May’s own urge to hold on will likely lead her to seek a more realistic soft Brexit, dependent on support from those wanting a soft Brexit from all parties.