Customs and the Border come to a head

19 Apr 2018

Tomorrow the Telegraph leads with an exclusive regarding the Irish Border. They say that the proposed UK Government plan to deal with the issues was responded to at the negotiations reportedly with a “detailed and forensic rebuttal” making clear that “none of the [proposed] customs options” will work. With around ten weeks left to get this deal sealed and sorted, it seems that the proposed backstop(that Northern Ireland keeps everything the same) could yet persist.

This matter adds fuel to the fire in the case for the Customs Union(see yesterday) which on the back of a successful vote in the Lords, has a motion tabled that will seek to force a vote next week. This motion is from ten select committee chairs, including three Conservatives. This vote, if successful, would massively change how the negotiations would be organised, and it would then a point of interest as to whether the Government would then also seek to remain in the Single Market, a matter that could substantially affect the state of the City of London’s financial services industry.

Additionally, the case for remaining in the Customs Union is set out in a new blog post today at HuffPost, jointly written by Labour MP Yvette Cooper and the Conservative MP Nicky Morgan.