The Windrush Generation should be treated with care and decency

15 Apr 2018

With the news that No 10 refuses Caribbean request to discuss children of Windrush, it seems that No 10 continues to have its priorities wrong. The government continues to not care for the rightful residents of this country, rather preferring to scare and attempt to deport some of these people, despite legally arriving and living the vast majority of their life in the UK.

The sheer fact that the UK Government intends to do this while hoping that they can work with Commonwealth nations on plastics is astounding. The hope for co-operation forgets that the hopr for co-operation on this issue can only be matched, where they can expect similar enthusiasm to respond on other concerns.

If a lack of human decency isn’t a concern to government, perhaps the issues it risks causing to the UK’s diplomatic strength should. Either way, this could yet stand to hurt Theresa May in the Local Elections soon.