May needs to be Socially Responsible

03 Dec 2017

In the late hours of yesterday, it was announced that Alan Milburn and the entire Social Mobility commission are to depart from their positions.

This is surely a damning proclamation for the Prime Minister this isn’t good news and can’t be spun as such for example this can’t be good news for people who voted for the Conservatives seeing Theresa May as a moderating force -somebody who recognised how the Conservatives are in some people’s eyes as “the nasty party” and seeing the need to resolve the inequality in this country.

The social mobility commission deciding to disband themselves perhaps marks the end of a radical Theresa May. The end of a politician who could challenge her party and the demonstration of how the commitments made by conservative leaders are as easily disregarded as they are made. The last redeeming feature gone.

At a time when the Labour Party is campaigning on a situation of economic turmoil for the worst off, of galling pay freezes, and of tragic inequality, they’ll appear on the Sunday Political shows, with a trophy to their cabinet, vindicated. Whether they can actually make their polling look better, that is another thing.