UK Stats Chief rebukes Johnson

17 Sep 2017

The head of the UK Statistics Authority Sir David Norgrove has rebuked Boris Johnson for using the false £350m/wk figure, when talking about the cost of membership of European Union, and the money that could be “saved” by leaving.

He sent a letter to the Foreign Secretary, saying the following:

Dear Foreign Secretary,

I am surprised and disappointed that you have chosen to repeat the figure of £350 million per week, in connection with the amount that might be available for extra public spending when we leave the European Union. This confuses gross and net contributions. It also assumes that payments currently made to the UK by the EU, including for example for the support of agriculture and scientific research, will not be paid by the UK government when we leave.

It is a clear misuse of official statistics.

Yours sincerely, Sir David Norgrove

Whether things change now, we have yet to see.