The 'National Living Wage', and how it isn’t

28 Jan 2016

Some time ago, the government announced their plans for a minimum wage rate for those who are 25 or over*, which they dubbed the “National Living Wage” - it is significantly higher than the present minimum wage, and was named in a manner that inaccurately associated it with the widely supported living wage campaign. The Living wage campaign released a response to this change**, in which they supported the raising of the minimum wage, while noting that this was not a Living wage for people, saying that the way this proposal was calculated - through “What the market can bear”, rather than the cost of living was no way of producing a reasonable “living wage”. It further criticised the government for also making this for people only 25 and over, ignoring the 2 million people, who are under 25.

These changes are now being advertised across the country, and the government is doing absolutely everything it can to remind you that the government is “on your side”, while not giving the same kind of advertising to the cuts to unemployment and disability benefits, the changes some older women will have to make due to an extended wait for their pension, through pension equalisation. This behaviour is party politics in all but name, with the government spending near record amounts on media.

This government is doing everything but providing clear, fair and reasonable policies, having made fake promises to get into power, it is now using deception to stay there.

  • *and not in the first year of an apprenticeship.
  • **